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Curriculum for students who have earned LL.B.


1. Reference form for the curriculum of Institute of Financial Law.

2. For graduation, 34 credits are needed.

a.  Required Courses  11 credits

b.  Elective Courses     23 credits

c.  Thesis* 6 credits   *These credits are not included in the 34 credits needed for graduation

3. Students are required to take at least 23 credits of elective courses offered by the department, 17 of which are law courses and 6 of which are financial courses.

4. A course waiver requires the grade of 75 or above.  Credits to be waived should not exceed 9. 

5. For research need, students may take courses offered by the departments other than Institute of Financial Law, upon approval of the thesis advisor(s) and the directors of relevant institutes or departments.  These approved credits are included in the 33 credits needed for graduation. 

6. A course designed to improve students’ foreign language capabilities is offered during summer time and the semester, totaling 3 credits (included in the 33 credits needed for graduation).

a.  Students studying abroad are required to take this course.

b. This course is optional for all other students.

7. If students planning to study overseas pass a foreign language proficiency test approved by the Institute, may apply for a waiver of the foreign language improvement course listed above.

8. Elective courses are subject to change; including number of credits and hours.

9. The graduating score is based upon the average of course work plus theses and defense.

10.  Students must keep this Undergraduate Curriculum for reference and selection of courses, as well as the retaking of courses to qualify for graduation.