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    In response to the diversity and complexity of this society under globalization, the Institute of Financial & Economic Law (IFEL), one of the top graduate-level legal institutes in southern Taiwan, was established at STUST in 2003. 

    The establishment of the Institute reflects the challenges faced by the traditional legal education and responds to the needs of legal experts in various fields.  This graduate program focuses on the cross-field learning regarding law, finance and economics, training students to be capable of integrating the knowledge of law, finance, economics and technology, and finally, making the idea of law and order aggressively prevail to the various phases of society and thus broaden the angle and viewpoint of law.   

    Each faculty member possesses a doctorate law degree either from Taiwan, Japan, or the United States.  By devoting themselves into researching and publishing new findings on legal issues regularly, faculty members strive to keep abreast of the dynamics of law. This diverse faculty also helps to develop a variety of courses meanwhile attracting more outstanding students from all over the country.  

    Current students at IFEL, including practicing attorneys and court prosecutors, are among the best in Taiwan. They share with each other their enthusiasm in the field of legal study and commit to taking the highest level of professional responsibility.  The education at IFEL will provide the opportunity to combine outstanding teaching and a mastery of financial & economic fundamentals necessary for the practice of law.