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Southern Taiwan University of Science & Technology (STUST) stands above all private universities of technology in Taiwan, even surpassing some of its public counterparts. STUST proudly displays the finest equipment and facilities, teaching quality, faculty research and community services, which satisfies the demands of students, parents and society as a whole.

The College of Business (COB) of STUST aims to become a highly recognized and influential business school throughout the Asian region. We are devoted to the enhancement and dissemination of business knowledge to serve Taiwan and the global community. In keeping
with this mission, we endeavor to:
  1. Cultivate business leaders and professionals by providing current and relevant curriculum as well as encouraging them to embrace a global ethical framework,
  2. Contribute to the body of business knowledge through research, publications and conferences, and
  3. Provide corporate consultancy and public policy advisory to serve the evolving needs of our community.

As of the academic year 2010 (2010.8-2011.7), the revenue of STUST was $2.3 billion NTD with a net profit of $220 million NTD. Due to our consistently outstanding performance, we expect enrollment in the future to remain stable. The figures in the balance sheet show that the financial situation of STUST is good enough to support STUST’s sustainability. For spring semester 2012, there are 170 full-time Faculty in the COB to support the teaching responsibility and activities for around 8,000 students. STUST has complete systems of teaching assurance and learning assistance to make possible the appropriation of curriculum development and the effectiveness of learning. We have various regulations to encourage faculty to conduct research and pursue career growth. The Faculty in the COB is also pleased to use their specialties to provide consultancy and services to government, firms, and community.